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When a genuine and worthy cause becomes a corporate campaign

“Internet.org is still more of a press release than a plan. But its first formal statement, a 74-page white paper cosigned by base station maker Ericsson and chipset maker Qualcomm, is telling: it sets a goal of delivering data 100 times more efficiently to mobile phones, the devices most Internet newcomers will use to link to the Net”

(…) And despite Zuckerberg’s lofty statements, Facebook in particular is falling short of some of Internet.org’s goals: the company isn’t investing in network extensions in developing countries, and its business practices, in many cases, have obligated Internet service providers in such places to incur extra costs.”

I got very upset after reading the excellent article wrote by David Talbot in Technology Review.

It’s disturbing when a genuine and worthy cause becomes a corporate campaign…and I completely agree with David Sasaki, who said that “Internet for All” really means “Facebook for All.”

What´s going on?…

Read more:

Facebook’s Two Faces http://www.technologyreview.com/review/522671/facebooks-two-faces/ Three Reasons Zuckerberg’s “Internet For All” Crusade Rings Hollow | TIME.com http://business.time.com/2013/08/27/three-reasons-zuckerbergs-internet-for-all-crusade-rings-hollow/#ixzz2pjH9YJka

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