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The #spanishrevolution or rewriting FinancialFailure exception try-catch block

try { society.democracy();
    } catch ( FinancialFailure e ) {

One spontaneous social movement, boosted by Internet social networks, is emerging in Spain as an outcropping of dissatisfaction about how our democracy is handling the current financial failure event (formally The Crisis).

After more than a decade of real state bubble fueled buoyant economy, spanish one suddenly crashed bringing reductions in real wages and retirement pays, breakneck unemployment and another welfare cuts. But beyond its economic bound origin, this movement aims to evolve into a debugger process in order to release a new version of democracy founded in a bubble-proof long term sustainable economy, low rates of corruption, direct citizen political participation based on Internet and other advanced features.

These challenges are not unique to the spanish society but are shared with Europe an even the whole world.

Many accuse the protest of lacking concrete proposals, tagging it as a tantrum without continuity. Opposite it must be seen as strength. Concrete proposals unlike the generic guidelines surely will divide its members and supporters. Fragmentation will give the establishment a chance to assimilate the movement with merely some touches of makeup. The key of success lies in its ability to become into a movement able to collect all the disappointment feelings, turning them into a willingness to change. A mass of electoral power must force to the parties to break the status quo mobilizing all its machinery (intellectuals, politicians, unions, journalist, etc.) competing to fill the gap with new, fresh and innovative ideas.

If we do not rewrite some code that rules our democracies, we run the serious risk of walking into future shaped as corporative feudalism as dreamed in the classic cyberpunk nightmares. The goal isn’t to defeat the system but rather deprecate some old code to compile a new major release of our democracy.

If nothing changes an unavoidable upcoming crisis will raise an exception that the system can’t operate properly causing a Kernel Panic error (Blue Screen of Death for Windows users) and an unrecoverable failure disruption.

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