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PornHub nails it one more time.

The company launch this week a parody site in collaboration with Amazon Dating Creators to remind us the importance of handwashing to prevent Covid19 spread

There have been a lot of conversation about brands and advertising communication during the Covid19 pandemia and even if there have been great campaigns so far… today I would like to talk about Pornhub.

The company has been busy since the early days of Covid-19. I believe that It was the first company that offered Premium free to users. The initiative started in Italy and later spread worldwide.

Also the company has been involved in other initiatives like donate 50,000 masks to medics in NYC and also supported with $25,000 and advocacy group that supports sex workers affected by COVID-19.

And this week, taaaachaann… They decided to make a step further and PornHub have launched a whole parody site called Scrubhub.

The site goal is to remind us the importance of handwashing to prevent Covid19 spread. The site is exactly like PornHub Site ….LOL / ROL …

The idea is a collaboration between Pornhub and Ani Acopian and Suzy Shinn. A creative team who early this year created Amazon Dating parody site, which got thousands applications and goes on.- If you have a moment just enter the site and get tentend by the deal of the day, the funny reviews… even the site terms and conditions (NON-GHOSTING AGREEMENT) are so much fun.-

This is not the first parody initiative that Pornhub.

Last year, they decided to launch “Beesexual.” Created by BETC Paris on a campaign that rallies porn starts to save Bees 🙂 🙂 In this site, users can find revealing videos explaining many interesting topics like “How to make a Flower Cum in 3 seconds“.

The whole proposal was “Watch busy bees…getting kinky”…

I have to confess that PornHub is becoming one of my love brands…. ahhh and by the way If you got here though a naughty organic search…just remember handwashing 🙂 🙂

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