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Opting out of TSA: “Don’t Touch My Junk Bro!”

It seems that in recent times, the TSA is in the eye of hurricane news. Since John Tyner said “Don´t touch my junk Bro!” a revolution has begun producing a civil movement Called “Opting out of TSA.”          

Although the campaign has finished 24th November Optoutday.com still Urges Passengers to opt-out of the body scanners Optoutday.com and  Wewontfly.com encouraged to write Congress to let Them know how you feel about naked body scanners and intrusive pat downs. Although things seem to have cooled we should not give up and the parody from the Red vs Blue creators,  it´s a good way to do to it 🙂

If you want more information to clarify the options we have as passengers, please visit http://permaculture.org.au and read this great this article.

This is a paragraph:   “But What sort of ‘choice’ is this? More importantly – what Choices Are missing here?

If a passenger considers the options as They Are Presented to Them, Then, remove evidently, the choice not does have one at this point is to Not Be sexually harassed. One only gets to choose:

(a) to Have a picture of your naked body taken (I assume the Majority of Passengers never Would Not Consent To That if under pressure) and stored digitally. (These days, modern events photocopiers come with hard drives record That Every document ever copied on Them – How Would Anyone so trust the TSA That not does this hold for Their scanners?) , or (b) Being Touched in a Way That Highly Inappropriate Has Been Explained at length in Many Other Places.”


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