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«O legado do Tibu» or Galicia underwater

«O legado do Tibu», is spreading like wildfire through spanish social media. The eye of the hurricane begins in Galicia (north of spain) where the sea water temperature right now is 13 degrees celsius.

The game is simple. To play first you must be challenged (through a video or photo) by one of your friends to take a dip in the cold waters of the Atlantic otherwise you will have to pay him a great seafood meal. But if you accept the challenge and jump in the water in the next 48H, then you don´t have to pay the meal and from that moment you can nominate three of your own friends to try to win the bet.

The instigator of this simple practice, with more and more followers each day, is a young man from Camariñas who lives in Switzerland. This month, he traveled this month to galicia to attend a football match. That day with a few friends he recorded a video inside a fountain and said : “Hello I am here to fulfill the legacy of the tribe”. And then many of his hometown neighbors accept the challenge…

«O legado do Tibu” + Social Media = viral effect is underway.

In fact, the origin of these dips is from a charity challenge launched in the United States , Missouri , where every person who bathed in cold water should donate some money to support a sick baby. In his more playful version – challenge friends on social networks with original videos, music and special effects.

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