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Mario Rom´s Interzone

“Nothing is true, Everything is permitted”

During this mandatory confinement, I am listening a lot of music… and there is an album, which takes me on an eventful journey through the different jazz states and beyond.

The Mario Rom´s Interzone´s album “Nothing is true, Everything is permitted” It has a 4 part jazz video series that It´s a wonderful example of how successfully mix storytelling to further boost the enjoyment.

The Austrian trio that play Jazz under the motto of “anything goes” with a special emphasis on improvisation and spontaneity. They combine passion, inventiveness and push musical limits in an inimitable, fluid and captivating way.

An adrenalitic mix between hard bob, blues and New Orleans sound, all perfectly reinvented. I share the video series and I hope that It will invigorate you in this time of social distancing.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

“Everything is permitted”

Click the link to listen Album in Spotify

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