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LOL: @SochiProblems

This is definitely the Twitter account of the moment. And surely the #SochiProblems is going to become really popular.

The  reasons:  Contains all the necessary elements to become viral from time zero.

1 – Worldwide coverage
2 – Journalists and media involved
3 – Images and improbable situations
4 – Russian President
5 – Environmental, political and human-rights activists
6 – Athletes from all nationalities pissed off
7 – A mismanagement of the communication crisis

….and the rest is for the Lulz

In the last 24 hours. this Twitter account registered nearly 25,000 followers and I imagine in the next few days things will go more … can not wait to see a music video on youtube 🙂

But in the meantime … here goes an appetizer …

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