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Led By Donkeys

Led By Donkeys: The political activism group Taking the UK By Storm. @ByDonkeys

In an era where politics often feels more like a circus than a serious pursuit, a group of anonymous activists has taken it upon themselves to expose the absurdity and hypocrisy of political leaders through satirical public art. Known as Led By Donkeys, this UK-based group has gained widespread attention and support for their creative, thought-provoking, and often humorous methods of holding politicians accountable. In this article, we delve into the origins, motivations, and impact of Led By Donkeys, as well as explore what their unique form of activism means for the future of political discourse.

The Origins of Led By Donkeys

Led By Donkeys was born in late 2018 out of frustration with the political chaos surrounding Brexit. Four friends from the UK, disillusioned with the political establishment, decided to take matters into their own hands. What began as a simple act of defiance—posting a tweet from a prominent politician on a billboard—quickly gained traction on social media and morphed into a full-fledged grassroots movement.

The name “Led By Donkeys” is a reference to the old adage “lions led by donkeys,” which alludes to brave soldiers being led into battle by incompetent commanders. The group’s anonymity has allowed them to maintain focus on their message rather than personal recognition.

Holding Politicians Accountable

The driving force behind Led By Donkeys is the belief that politicians should be held accountable for their words and actions. The group accomplishes this through various forms of public art, including billboards, murals, and even projections on prominent buildings. By displaying politicians’ tweets and statements, they expose contradictions, false promises, and general absurdity within the political landscape.

Their satirical approach is designed to engage the public and spark conversation, highlighting the importance of transparency, integrity, and critical thinking in politics. The group’s work has resonated with people across the political spectrum, transcending traditional partisan divides.

The Art of Guerrilla Advertising

The group’s modus operandi is simple yet effective: use guerrilla advertising tactics to display quotes and tweets from politicians in prominent public spaces. Billboards, projections, and posters are their weapons of choice, showcasing the words of politicians blown up in size for all to see. The juxtaposition of these statements against the context of the present-day political climate highlights the contradictions and absurdities of the political narrative.


One of their most memorable stunts involved projecting a video of Boris Johnson endorsing the UK’s continued membership in the European Union onto the side of Big Ben, in stark contrast to his later role as the champion of Brexit. Through these acts of creative defiance, Led By Donkeys has become a powerful force in British politics, providing a voice for those disillusioned with the political landscape.

Impact and Influence

Led By Donkeys has had a significant impact on political discourse in the UK and beyond. With a rapidly growing following on social media, their work has garnered widespread media coverage and inspired similar activist movements in other countries.

The group’s actions have prompted responses from politicians, including those targeted by their campaigns, leading to increased scrutiny of political rhetoric and decision-making. Additionally, their popularity has sparked debate about the role of satire and public art in political activism, as well as the responsibility of citizens in holding their leaders accountable.

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