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These videos from Java Zone (Scandinavia’s biggest meeting place for software developers) are probably one of the most unforgettable advertising campaigns of the recent years.

JavaZone – the biggest European community-driven conference for modern developers will be 19 years old in 2020! Don’t miss out on two days of inspiring tech talks, a day of hands-on sessions, mingling, and a great party!

JavaZone is organized by javaBin, the Norwegian Java User Group. Their goal is to organize a community-driven conference for Java developers where they can learn new things, share knowledge, and socialize.

LadyJava Music Video for JavaZone (2010)

JavaZone X : The Streaming  (2011)

JavaZone 2012: The Java Heist

JavaApocalypse (2013)

Game of Codes (2014)

Stranger Strings (2018)

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