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How youtube.com commercials forced me to sex change …

… my digital profile.

At the end… I did it!
I could not stand it anymore!

I know that It may seem drastic but what It´s WORST being required to watch WIPP express and Fairy commercials everytime I play a youtube video.

That´s why, Today May 9, 2013, I have formally become a REAL MAN and the truth is, that in only 24 hours I feel the advantages … my life already has improved greatly….

Let’s be honest, If I have to watch commercials I think that the ones about cool sports car, fancy drinks and video games are more fun….and it’s always more inspiring to watch a hot guy shaving with a Gillette Razor Blade that a green Fairy PET bottle… W** is going on!

Therefore, if you are female, you are doomed to see all these commercials, that will appear just before you favorite video, based on old school segmentations… so I encourage you all…to change your sex … and at least you could have an attractive or aspirational experience.

What defines me, It´s the content that I watch… not a predefined random based on prejudiced ideas based on my gender and age.

By the way, If you are a man maybe you would like to become a woman to watch all the cute Victoria Secret commercials…or maybe the Fairy one 😉

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