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Ebooks and Editorials: The old rules doesn´t work in the new times

There are hundreds of bloggers (most of them teenagers) whom are being attacked for collect books descriptions of their favourites books and share the direct downloads links. Most of this bloggers don´t have any interest in making money, It´s all about sharing.

The main fact is Editorials must to find out a proper solution. It´s very difficult to understand the reason why a digital book cost as much as a print one. Of course, the editorials and authors must to earn money, but the editorials risks are lower right now because the cost to print a book is the most significant factor in determining the profitability of a publishing venture. It is necessary to rethink the business model. If you realize that the most important costs in the entire publishing process are the printing, distribution and publicity pricing and the three of them change dramatically down. There is only one answer, It´s time to rethink the business model, because old rules doesn´t work in the new times.

This is an extract that all of you can find in the Preface to the Electronic Release of *The Hacker Crackdown* wrote by Bruce Sterling in 1992. I bring it from the past because It is really clear about what´s going on nowadays.

“The critics were very kind to *The Hacker Crackdown* and commercially the book has done well.  On the other hand, I didn’t write this book in order to squeeze every last nickel and dime out of the mitts of impoverished sixteen-year-old cyberpunk high-school-students.  Teenagers don’t have any money — (no, not even enough for the  six-dollar *Hacker Crackdown* paperback, with its attractive bright-red cover and useful index).   That’s a major reason why teenagers sometimes succumb to the temptation to do things they shouldn’t, such as swiping my books out of libraries.   Kids:  this one is all yours, all right?  Go give the print version back.*8-)

Well-meaning, public-spirited civil libertarians don’t have much money, either.   And it seems almost criminal to snatch cash out of the hands of America’s direly underpaid electronic law enforcement community.  

If you’re a computer cop, a hacker, or an electronic civil liberties activist, you are the target audience for this book.  I wrote this book because I wanted to help you, and help other people understand you and your unique, uhm, problems.  I wrote this book to aid your activities, and to contribute to the public discussion of important political issues. 

In giving the text away in this fashion, I am directly contributing to the book’s ultimate aim:  to help civilize cyberspace. Information *wants* to be free.  And  the information inside this book longs for freedom with a peculiar intensity. 

I genuinely believe that the natural habitat of this book is inside an electronic network.  That may not be the easiest direct method to generate revenue for the book’s author, but that doesn’t matter; this is where this book belongs by its nature.  I’ve written other books — plenty of other books — and I’ll write more and I am writing more, but this one is special.  I am making *The Hacker Crackdown* available electronically as widely as I can conveniently manage, and if you like the book,and think it is useful, then I urge you to do the same with it.”

By Bruce Sterling.

FullSource: http://www.well.com/gopher/Publications/authors/Sterling/hc/cracker1.txt

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