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Face to Facebook at enter 5

This monday begins Enter 5. Fifth Biennial ENTER multimedia deals with DATAPOLIS. Introduces visitors through exhibitions, symposia and performances, artistic reflection of contemporary urban reality, as it helps us to capture and convey new information and communication technologies.

The exhibition will offer original audio-visual representation of data flow-and signals that flows invisibly around us or take place in social networks. An important part of the exhibition will also feature projects at the interface between design, architecture and fashion, which combines sensitivity to environmental issues.A special feature of the exhibition will be the de facto connectivity and data sharing between some parts.

Some of the featured projects are the Face to Facebook Alessandro Ludovico, Paolo Cirio.  http://www.face-to-facebook.net/

Face to Facebook is part of  The Hacking Monopolism Trilogy. Face to Facebook is the third work in a series that began with Google Will Eat Itself and Amazon Noir.  These works share a lot in terms of both methodologies and strategies. They all use custom programmed software in order to exploit (not without fun) three of the biggest online corporations (Google, Amazon and Facebook), exploiting conceptual hacks that generate unexpected holes in their well oiled marketing and economic system.

Give Me My Data by Owen Mundy is a Facebook application that helps users export their data out of Facebook. Reasons could include making artwork, archiving and deleting your account, or circumventing the interface Facebook provides. Data can be exported in CSV, XML, and other common formats. Give Me My Data is currently in public-beta.

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