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The Intersection of Philosophy, Art, and AI: A Glimpse into @ParisAIembrace

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and its integration into various aspects of our lives has sparked a fascinating philosophical debate, particularly in the realm of art. The emergence of AI-driven Midjourney art creation has revolutionized the art industry, giving birth to captivating paintings, illustrations, and photographs that mesmerize audiences worldwide. Two prominent philosophical perspectives,...Read More

Zarya of the Dawn: Midjourney – Exploring the Intersection of AI, Art, and Copyright

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to push the boundaries of human creativity, generating fascinating and innovative works of art. One such AI-generated artwork that has captured the attention of both the art and tech worlds. The comic raises important questions about the nature of artistic creation, intellectual property, and the role of AI in the creative...Read More

#Covid19 · #Graffiti

While artists around the world are tapping their creativity to help find new ways to deal with the impact of the global pandemic. And then there are the graffiti and mural artists have been busy painting some pretty incredible coronavirus-inspired works on walls and buildings across the globe. The following is a collection of such...Read More