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Be the Art Director of Wallpaper Cover

Wallpaper gives a new twist and gave us the chance to play art director and design our own cover. The Handmade issue (August 2010) will be print with your own custom wallpaper cover.

I believe that is the first time that a magazine do something like this. What makes this challenge great is the tailor made magazine print idea. 

The last year Wallpaper magazine create a contest where users could create their Cover, 21.000 were sent to Wallpaper. The one chosen was the August cover of the magazine. This year also hold the promise but with this idea all participants can be rewarded.

Wallpaper will send to each participant that request it the magazine to his house via postal mail with the cover design that each one as created. When everything is going digital this kind of actions give us the trend of the future of editorial industry and I have to admit  that …I just love it!

Many other magazines had play with this idea. Probably some of you still remember the Wired magazine cover application launch about 3 years ago sponsor by Xerox. It was really cool. In any case beyond customize it had little else.

Check back here from 12th April to design your cover for the August 2011 issue. In the meantime, you can still have a play with last year’s app.

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