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Always, always…Ban Boring by Simon Attwater

Bandwidths have gone Bananas. Our smart phones have got smarter. Our tablets displays have gone retina and our laptops are about to. So what does this mean for the quality of our digital production?

Gone are the days of 30 seconds worth pixelated frippery. Audiences demand plush silky sites full of eyegasmic content. My talk covers the subject of the New Digital Aesthetic and what it means for creatives and the brands they are working for.

Simon Attwater Group Creative Director, LBi Simon joined LBi, with creative partner Abi Ellis in September 2010. As Group Creative Director, Simon is responsible for nurturing and driving the creative department and for turning great ideas into stunning executions. Work Stuff At LBi, Simon oversees the creative output for leading global brands, such as BT, Coca-Cola, Cunard, ASDA, Scholl and Saudi Aramco, as well as developing new business. Landmarks achievements include – winn
Future Brands, 22nd May, 2013

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