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DUNE 4.0 by Daan Roosegaarde

DUNE is a public interactive landscape that interacts with human behavior. This hybrid of nature and technology is composed of large amounts of fibers that brighten according to the sounds and motion of passing visitors. Our most recent version is filled with hundreds of interactive lights and sounds. DUNE investigates nature in a futuristic relation with urban space by means of looking, walking and interacting. Read More

Verification Handbook

But I don´t want to talk about “funny hoaxes”,even If there are some really impressively examples. Because all this Social-Media-News-Mess has very serious consequences. In 2011, when violent protests erupted in England, a number of people claimed a tiger had been let out from London Zoo, and that the London Eye was on fire. The picture below shows the interactive app that The Guardian made to show how riot rumors spread on Twitter.Read More
The video created by John Pavlus for Jaschas Hoffman “Limited” try to answers to this question.

What if an AI like HAL wasn´t evil, but just misunderstood?

The video created by John Pavlus for Jaschas Hoffman “Limited” try to answers to this question. Free download of Jascha’s new album at http://thefuturelimited.com !Dir. John Pavlus (http://smallmammal.com) remixing footage from 2001: A Space Odyssey (dir. Stanley Kubrick); Moon (dir. Duncan Jones); Robocop (dir. Paul Verhoeven); TRON (dir. Steven Lisberger); and WarGames (dir. John Badham). Words and...Read More

Post-scarcity economy, 3D Printing, FabLabs and Hackerspaces

What is Post-scarcity economy?  From Wikipedia (): Post scarcity or post-scarcity describes a hypothetical form of economy or society, often explored in science fiction, in which things such as goods, services and information are free, or practically free. This would be due to an abundance of fundamental resources (matter, energy and intelligence), in conjunction with sophisticated automated...Read More