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Sci-fi: Something to watch

Sense8 (Netflix original series)(2014): Wachowski’s Netflix is announcing it will release a new, 10-part sci-fi series called “Sense 8.” Details are scarce, but it’s described as “a gripping global tale of minds linked and souls hunted.” It’s the project of sibling directors Andy and Lana Wachowski along with Joe Straczynski. They say the idea for...Read More

Fun, Good Message & Merry Xmas!!!

How the world searched… The Zeitgeist (“spirit of time”). Google collects each year the most popular terms in the leading search engine on the internet. As it could not be otherwise in the year of the definitive explosion of social networks, Twitter and Facebook are among the most searched words. However, the term that has...Read More

Batelco Infinity: Poetry in Motion

Epic, Innovative, Amazing…I have no words. Great Campaign.Has taken a year of production and you can tell why. The excellent campaign created by the Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco) called Infinity has recently been launched, where the phrase “What are you thinking about” is the basis of this incredible commercial. This video is an explosive sample...Read More

Fun, Good Message & Merry Xmas!!!

Christmas Carol, good advertising, humor and joy. When Scotty Iseri of scottygotanofficejob.com and Matthew Latkiewicz of zendesk.com couldn´t afford the license rights to famous Christmas songs for their upcoming web series, they enlist help from some special guests to write a Creative Commons Christmas Carol. With the participation of Lawrence Lessig (Creative Commons), Leo Laporte...Read More

Are coupons a new battlefront?

Welcome to the new coupon era. It seems that we have found the Holy Grail, but make no mistake this come from far away. I want to reference Megan Geuss (@MeganGeuss) refreshing;) article published in Wired Magazine. Megan tells us how Asa Griggs Candler, who bought Coca-Cola in 1888, send thousands of free samples. With...Read More

The Passenger. Have Fun!!

A one-man project created between 1998-2006. The Plot: Ominous signs are everywhere as a bookworm, in shorts, sneakers, and a backpack, walks down a sidewalk reading. A page of a newspaper blows into his face; it’s overcast and begins to rain; a dog barks viciously. He boards a bus and sits in back, puts on...Read More

Enter the virtual celebrity

Hatsune Miku appeared on the show is looked like a little girl round 16 years old, with green hairs and short dress. The character’s developed by Crypton Future Media in 2007. She is the combination between real human-beeing voice and Advanced Vocaloid Software of Yamaha.