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What´s on your mind? Mental Spam?

Every time I sit in front of my Facebook, I read What´s on your mind? … Excuse me, What´s on my mind about what??  Is this communication or is just about ME2ME*?

Let me see…there is a new post in my wall. Oh my Goodness!!! Albert and Ellen are now friends? Who´s Ellen? Do I know her? Should I add her as friend? Am I not social?  

Wait… I have a new post, It´s Peter and the is going to take his breakfast. Good for Him!!!  Later a friend 😉 send me an on line promo about an Ageless Rejuvenating Serum for Mature Skins. I think to myself that she probably have to use it and wish very hard that facebook will have a big “I Hate this” button or even a smaller one with a cute and polite “Dislike”.Even I think to delete her from my friend list,  at the end I decide not to, because seems to be worst than a high school sweethearts break up.

Well after all this… I really need a coffee. Should I post it?  

I decide to take “no-social café au lait” (not post on my friends walls)  and start to think that the FBML developer capable to create an application, that let us express our real opinion in Facebook,  will be the creator of the next “social killer application”. Meanwhile if you’re Firefox user you can add this plug-in. If you are a Chrome, Safari, Opera or Explorer become fan of this Facebook page. Sorry I’m rambling…

It’s kinda odd just to sit down and think about my virtual social life. It seems I just want to take a break. relax and reconnect with my neighbours, work colleges, family and friends… So I decide to kill my virtual ME2ME.

Someone told me this week about a web page called http://suicidemachine.org/, where the process is easy, fast, painless, non returnable ecofriendly. That´s what I need! I wouldn´t like see my profile return as a Zombi 28 Days Later ( That´s scares me too bad ).

Stan Marsh commits Web 2.0 suicide

So, I´ve made the hardest decision of my virtual life. While I type the url I think “Yes, I’m going to do it right now. No regrets, no fear”… Here I am … “Welcome to the Virtual Suicide.” It´s like my friend told me, simple and user friendly with some testimonials from happy and satisfied users.

This is what I need, nothing to do with the seppukoo process that aims to leave an eternal trace after your pass away. What I need is a simple GAME OVER. My hands tremble as I select my social networks and click commit to sign out forever.

Suddenly a pop up appears in the middle of my browser with the next message:
“It seems like that our machine is currently busy! We know that this is very annoying and we hope that soon there are more suicidemachine-servers available in the Internet! At the moment approx. only 10% of 2.0 suicides succeed in getting a free slot due to limitations of the suicidemachine which can execute only a very limited amount of suicides at the same time and some accounts need a couple of hours to get totally unfriended, untwittered, etc..! Please consider suicide at a later moment and accept our apologies!”

I fell like Gravity support-group honor member.

While I am looking stunned my browser, the iphone vibrate. I have a new facebook message from a high school old-friend 🙂 That´s cool!! if I can reconnect with my old fellow It´s seems that everthing else is worth enought. I feel like a want to be live again. And…Uhhh, He still likes coke!!

He doesn´t know but he just save my virtual life.

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