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I do Confess…

… that I used to hate social media…I blame social networks of destroying all the good things about the “pure net”…full of creators, outlaws and radical thinkers. My mantra was all about #resilience and #resistance…fighting that #viralnetworks that were destroying our free online nations and ripping up our privacy all along (right now I am far more concern about our dearest governments). There were some digital settlers like reddit, discord or if you prefer 4chan. The situation was so hard that I even thought and wrote about “sebukko” in 2010.

But, that’s ancient history my friends…

I have to admit …

… that during this #quarantine, I fell in love almost completely about the social networks and other digital ecosystems. Because at last, They are becoming what the net use to be. Full of entertainment, musics, poetry, arts, teaching, cooking, friendship, fun and of course nonsense… all along.


… things seem to have change and I truly expect that things keep on going after #coronavirus. I have the feeling of traveling in the way back machine to the 90s, connections where limited and slooooow, but OMG … It was so exciting to connect and talk to people worldwide though BBS and IRC…

Is like returning to the happy inspiring old times, where everything was possible if you where able to imagine and DIY, a moment where mainstream outlets didn´t scream that loud and score our interest based on their own menu offer.

In the very beginning of the corona crisis, brands where for a second reshaping communication strategies, but “Us the People” started to share content and play along… and god… when everyone started to broadcast, create and squeeze digital with nowadays available possibilities ufff… It was amazing like a reborn where exciting ideas and novelties appear faster than the light velocity…suddenly apps like zoom feel more like social media than a CC app, concerts are all along the place, classes, art, late night flirting, happy hours, cinema session, book clubs, crowdsource google spread sheets and Lol/Rol nonsense…and we are willing to form connections and virtual relationships instead of count followers.

All this ideas are not new, but they have been reborn thought current technologies, with open optimism, evolving and reclaiming a more inspiring, creative and open digital ecosystems “for us” flighting back information overwhelming overload, governance surveillance, censorship, bigotry and data tech companies that sell us as mere products, destroying creative business under the idea that long tail is good for our business.

We have to rejoin the Force… and sign up again The Declaration or Cyberspace wrote in 1996 by John Barlow the American poet and essayist, a lyricist for the Grateful Dead, a a cyberlibertarian political activist (associated with both the Democratic and Republican parties) and a founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Because at the end, as you can tell…Something that started as a confession has become a love letter.

EoN Jean Michel Jarre
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