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EoN Jean Michel Jarre

EōN by Jean Michel Jarre. The Infinite Narrative

Jean Michel Jarre, pioneer of electronic music, once again give a twist and shows us a proposal. A brand new meta-album, encapsule in an app where art and science, poetry and data combine to create an experience that becomes alive through generative music and art. Algorithm Never stops and what you are listening will never be play again.

Quoting Blade Runner’s final monologue… All those moments will be lost in time, like Tears in the Rain…although it is not time to die but to evolve…

I been playing for several hours and good … sounds great and If you add the visual experience created by Alexis André of Sony Computers Laboratories is truly outstanding.

EoN concept is so strong, so connected… pure Zeitgeist … expressed through an organic work without end, never repetitive that will live and grow forever, fighting against the mortality and obsolescence…

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