Yesterday, Jan25 2014.
49 killed in protest clashes in #Egypt.
We are looking for a conscience. #Jan25 #tahrir #Egypt #Change #Betterworld

As  recently wrote:

” Three years since the start of the Arab revolutions, the region has witnessed a kaleidoscope of dramatic developments ranging from free elections to the violent suppression of change. How would you describe the Arab Spring today?

In the past I’ve described it as a “work in progress.” Now, regrettably, the phrase “work in regress” would be more appropriate” Full interview  The Arab Spring Three Years On


For more information about what happened and what is happening, I encourage you to see The Square. This documentary is available through netflix, however if you have not netflix here I leave the link to view entirely from Youtube.The Square movie is a documentary about the Egyptian revolution behind the headlines. Follow a group of activists in Tahrir Square, risking their lives to build a new society of conscience. A film by Jehane Noujaim.

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