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Switch Off TV

Yesterday Alan Rusbridger, former editor of the Guardian from 1995 to 2015, wrote a column: “This is a key moment in the public’s view of mainstream news” . There is no doubt that good journalism is and always will be necessary. One of the things that Alan Rusbridger point out was that during the early days of the...Read More

#Covid19 · #Graffiti

While artists around the world are tapping their creativity to help find new ways to deal with the impact of the global pandemic. And then there are the graffiti and mural artists have been busy painting some pretty incredible coronavirus-inspired works on walls and buildings across the globe. The following is a collection of such...Read More

PornHub nails it one more time.

The company launch this week a parody site in collaboration with Amazon Dating Creators to remind us the importance of handwashing to prevent Covid19 spread There have been a lot of conversation about brands and advertising communication during the Covid19 pandemia and even if there have been great campaigns so far… today I would like...Read More

Tested for the Unexpected.

Here It goes this little/ big gem. An Ad produced by the ad agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO · London in 1993. The client? Dunlop Tyres (a subsidiary of Goodyear’s). The commercial was directed by British director Tony Kaye. Years later, he was known for directing American History X (1998), although he repudiated the final...Read More

East Meets West: Kirsten Dunst, Murakami & McG

Kirsten Dunst, the Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami collaborates with Hollywood director McG for a short film. In 2010 London’s Tate Modern museum exhibition “Pop Life: Art in a Material World”, featured an unusual collaboration between McG, one of Hollywood’s biggest commercial directors, and Takashi Murakami, Japan’s king of pop art: a four-minute film starring...Read More
8bitpeople is a DIY record label/arts collective that focuses around the 8-bit aesthetic.

8bitpeople: DIY record label/arts collective

8bitpeoples is located in New York City and It is heavily influenced by vintage videogames. 8bitpeoples was founded in 1999 by Jeremiah “Nullsleep” Johnson and Mike “Tangible” Hanlon. It is currently run by Johnson and labelmate Joshua “Bit Shifter” Davis. Many artists who have appeared on 8bitpeoples have also appeared on compilations on other labels,...Read More


These videos from Java Zone (Scandinavia’s biggest meeting place for software developers) are probably one of the most unforgettable advertising campaigns of the recent years. JavaZone – the biggest European community-driven conference for modern developers will be 19 years old in 2020! Don’t miss out on two days of inspiring tech talks, a day of hands-on...Read More

Laser Cats!

Despite to its $12.76 budget, Steven Spielberg’s contribution to the ‘Laser Cats’.  He’s the second A-list director to lend his name to the long-running series of ultra-low-budget shorts involving cats that shoot lasers from their mouths. Amazingly, This  legendary science fiction franchise series distributed by NBC has been running for six years now. The story is about...Read More